We are a UK based brand, hailing from the frozen North. Here at Halberd we are focused on supplying high-end custom Gaming Desks to the masses,
allowing you to game, and work, for longer. From flawless, static desks, to height-adjustable and L-shaped, there’s a Halberd Gaming Desk for you!


A Bit About The Desks…

We currently provide three Halberd desk frames for you to choose from for your gaming setup.

The STEED – a sleek and compact A-shaped frame.

The STRIKE – the most customisable option with a sturdy I-shaped frame.

The STANCE – a premium height-adjustable heavy lifter.

There are also FIVE desktop shapes to meet you needs:

The ARTISAN desktop – our elegant rectangular shaped desktop with our ergonomic scoop.

The VALOUR desktop – our sleek and subtly designed desktop.

The HARBINGER desktop – our bold angular desktop, which is sure to be a head turner.

The SCOUT desktop – our compact and sturdy desktop.

The FLANK desktop – our L-Shaped behemoth with an abundance of desktop space.

Choose Only The Best!

We pride ourselves in that our components are sourced, manufactured and finished, right here in England. Each desk comes with a high quality, ergonomic desktop. We do everything to ensure the long periods sat at a computer are more comfortable, so you can keep gaming, for longer.

We spray coat our desktops for an impeccable finish; with an abundance of materials and colours to choose from. Every desk we’ve designed has cable management in mind. The central beams have storage for those pesky wires, while there’s also a multitude of accessories to keep your gaming setup clean and tidy.

Our frames are designed to be sturdy yet lightweight, manufactured from only the highest quality of materials. Their flat-pack design is also straight-forward and easy to assemble. From frames and desktops, to accessories galore, you can customise every Halberd Desk to suit you.

You don’t need to settle for anything less than the best for your setup!

Halberd Gaming Desks are built to last. Why wait? Invest today and level up your gaming setup!