FLANK – Static Height L-Shape Desk

From £710.00

Build your Static Height FLANK
(L-Shape Desk)

Core Type
Choose the colour of your FLANK core
Desktop Wing Colour
Choose your desktop wing colour
Frame Choice
Choose between the STRIKE and STEED frames
Premium Cable Ports
Choose which colour cable ports are included with your desk
Cable Tray
Metal Tray for additional cable management
Only compatiable with the STRIKE Frame choice
Castor Wheels
Heavy duty castor wheels in 4 colour options
Free Mousemat
Feel free to add a Halberd Mousemat for free! Dimensions: 35cm x 25cm


The functional design of the FLANK L-Shape is fitting for our largest modular desktop yet.

It has an ergonomic front scoop, that follows round the curve of the front edge, across all three segments.

There are multiple small diamond cable ports arching across the desktop to allow for

many peripherals or monitors to be placed.

With 3 sturdy legs, this beast can carry a monstrous amount of weight.

The FLANK L-Shape desktop is made from high quality materials.

Shaped from highly compressed MDF, with a hard wearing powder coat finish,

this slightly textured finish allows for mice to be used without the need for a mat.

The FLANK L-Shape has a selection of 3 bold colours to

choose from, and 2 desk orientations.

There are 3 different frames to select from when creating your FLANK L-Shaped Desk

Height Adjustable Option


The STANCE Legs are a robust powder coated height adjustable steel frame. The STANCE frame provides more rigidity than other height adjustable desks.
Superior build quality and market leading leg actuators, which are rated at 75kg lift power each gives an incredible 150kg lifting power with the
2 legged STANCE (excluding desktop weight). The STANCE frame comes with a cable tray as standard,
providing ample cable storage space for your computer’ journey up and down.
The height range of the STANCE is 71cm to 126.5cm.

Static Height Options


The STRIKE is our sturdy powder coated I-shaped steel frame, which stands at 71cm tall. The STRIKE frame provides the support needed for a rigid and
long-lasting desk with superior build quality. The steel crossbeam not only provides rigidity, it also features a cavity to supply extra cable management space.
This cavity also extends down through the inside of the legs themselves, providing endless options for where to direct your many cables. The STRIKE frame
also has the unique feature by enabling RGB LED lit leg grille plates, setting it aside from the rest of our frames as well as the whole market.


The STEED is our sturdy powder coated A-shaped steel frame, which stands at 71cm tall.The A-shaped leg is fabricated in one piece for the best strength.
Fitting together entirely with knock-in joints and steel bolts, there are no cut corners. Much like the STRIKE, the STEED steel crossbeam provides
strength, and also features a cavity to supply extra cable management space. With the addition of a compatible cable tray attaching to the
desktop (sold separately), we would challenge you to run out of plug socket space.


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