STANCE 114 with Premium Desktop


Shoot for the skies with the ultimate height-adjustable gaming desk.

Desktop Dimensions: 114cm x 73cm x 2.5cm

Frame Height: 71cm to 126.5cm

Please keep in mind, this product is usually dispatched within 1 – 2 weeks, but can take up to 4 weeks.

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Do you want the ultimate in design and quality; the very best height adjustable height gaming desk for your gaming setup? Then the Halberd STANCE is the desk for you!

The STANCE 114 is ergonomically designed to be both functional and comfortable. With a variety of desktop colours, leg colours and accessories to choose from, you can make your desk truly your own. We use the highest quality componentry which are manufactured and sourced in the U.K, to provide a desk that stands out from the rest.


The 114cm wide desktop offers compact space but with plenty of features to help make more room. Diamond shaped cable ports allow almost any cable through (including kettle leads) without being too large and unsightly. A cutout along the back allows plenty of cables to pass behind if the desk is against a wall. A central diamond shaped port will allow you to tidy away your keyboard, mouse and microphone cables, immediately tidying your environment. The 114cm wide desktops also feature a beveled scoop along the front but not as deep as our wider desktops; to ensure as much usable desktop space as possible but not compromise on comfort.

Our desktops are made from either the highest grades of MDF composite wood, coloured MDF or ‘S+’ grade Plywood. We finish them in multiple layers of durable paint or lacquer. With a desktop thickness starting at 25mm, this is a desktop made to last longer and with the help of the steel cross-beam, eliminate desktop sag.


The STANCE Legs are a robust powder coated height adjustable steel frame. The STANCE frame provides more rigidity than other height adjustable desks. Superior build quality and market leading leg actuators, which are rated at 75kg lift power each gives an incredible 150kg lifting power with the 2 leg Stance (excluding desktop weight) and 225kg with the addition of a third leg. Fitting together entirely with steel bolts, there are no cut corners. The steel crossbeam provides rigidity whilst the desktop lifts up; it also houses the power module and actuator cables. This removes the hassle of fixing modules to the underside of your desktop; which looks messy and proves inconvenient if ever disassembling and moving your desk. The STANCE frame comes with a cable tray as standard, providing amply cable storage space for their journey up and down.

With mounting research showing the unpleasant irony that sitting down doing nothing is physically harmful; Invest in a Stance today and stretch those legs! Nothing is more important than your health, and you should never fear compromising this when playing your favourite games or working late into the night!

Whether it be an LED lit setup for the most eager of gaming enthusiasts; or for something more special in an office work environment, the STANCE won’t let you down.



We do stock the 180cm STANCE Desks in the Plus Variety. If you wish to purchase a STANCEplus Desk then please follow the link below

STANCEplus with Premium Desktop

Please Note: The 2-legged STANCE cannot be upgraded to a STANCEplus at a later date. This is due to different parts being used within the frame, which allow for the 3 legs to work together.


If you require any customisation to our desks please contact us via email, or phone, before purchase so that we can ensure the amendments can be made.


All Halberd Desks are made to order. While we aim to have all orders dispatched within 2 weeks, please be aware that orders may take upwards of 4 weeks to produce.

Additional information

Desktop Colour

Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Lilac

Frame Colour

Black, White

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