SCOUT 160 with Premium Desktop





Technical Specs

Desktop sizes - 160cm x 80cm x 2.5cm

Desk Height - 71cm

Desktop Colours - Red, Green, Blue, Black, White

Frame Colours - Black

Desktop Material - Powder coated compressed MDF

Frame Material - Painted Steel

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Sleek A-Frame

The SCOUT desk frame is built from high quality steel, designed to be sturdy yet lightweight.

The A-frame shaped legs give strength and support without extra bulk.

Our SCOUT desk comes with a central beam connecting the legs which doubles as cable management.

Desktop choice

Choose from high quality desktops in seven great colours.

All our SCOUT desktops are powder coated for durability and style.

Each desktop is shaped to last, and finished for comfort.

Desktop scoop

All our desktops are designed to be ergonomic and fit you.

We specially shape and finish each desktop to ensure its functional but also comfortable.

The SCOUT range comes with an innovative rear scoop for cable management.

Cable management

The SCOUT has in built cable management within the cross beam.

This allows for many of your cables to be hidden away when your PC has been setup.

Cable ports

Cable management is a serious issue for any serious gamer.

Our SCOUT range is built around cable management.

From the rear cable scoop to the new diamond cable ports, keep your cables under control with a SCOUT.