Here at Halberd Desks we agree, it’s hard to find a high-quality gaming desk that meets your every need. Generic desks can be too small, too wobbly or just not strong enough to hold up your PC.

Well that’s exactly the problem we aim to fix. Halberd Desks have you covered. No more cheap desks that put your PC at risk.

We provide a range of both static and height-adjustable gaming desks, built with high-quality materials, that will withstand the pressure. Our gaming desktops are ergonomically shaped to be both functional and comfortable. This keeps you fragging for longer. With all the cable management opportunities you could ask for built into the frame and top, the perfect gaming desk is in your reach.

Explore our range and enhance your environment today!


At Halberd quality is an intrinsic part of our design process. From the best materials to rigorous quality control, we want each product to be perfect.

Our standard material choice for our desktops is high grade MDF, finished in a powder coating. This gives a seamless tactile finish to the whole desk, with no unsightly sharp edges to catch.

We also have the choice of Valchromat coloured MDF as well as A-grade plywood. The advantage to both materials is that chips and scratches can be repaired with a little sanding and varnishing.


Our desktops come in a variety of designs and colours with multiple leg frames to select between. Each range offer something unique in style and feel.

Modular desktop widths: 114cm | 150cm | 180cm | 210cm

One piece desk widths: 116cm | 150cm | 180cm

We include as many cable management features as possible, including our special ‘Diamond’ port. This minimal cable hole is none intrusive and, thanks to its shape, can accommodate a total of 7 kettle leads at any one time.


Modular Desktops

The CHIMERA is our modular desktop range.

This design allows for you to have a desktop that comes in 4 different sizes, with the choice of mixing and matching both colours and design choice accents for each part of the desktop.

There are currently 3 different wing designs, allowing for you to create utility specific to you and your setup. Elements of both our signature diamond cable ports and circular ports available on various “wings” of the desktops.

All sections of our CHIMERA desktops are made from high quality MDF and powder coated in a tactile, hard wearing and mouse ready finish.

L Shaped Desktop

The Modular L-Shaped desktop is truly a beast.

Both wings can be changed to a number of different colours, as well as being available in both a left and right orientation.

There are a number of diamond ports that arc across the main body of the desk to allow for multiple positions for the mouse and keyboard, as well as larger circular ports in the back corners.

C Shaped Desktop

The Modular C-Shaped desktop our ultimate corner desk.

Both wings can be changed to a number of different colours, and is available in both a large and small variant.

There are a number of diamond ports that arc across the main body of the desk to allow for multiple positions for the mouse and keyboard, as well as larger circular ports in the back corners.


The STANCE is our height adjustable I-frame.

The frames are made from steel and are currently available in black and white. The steel cable tray comes standard with every order, colour matching the frame you choose.

The STANCE raises the bar when it comes to a quality height adjustable desk, with the ability to lift 150kg (excluding desktop) with ease.

Whether you are looking to sit or stand whilst gaming, the STANCE has you covered.


The STRIKE is our main static height I-frame.

The frames are made from steel and are available in 5 different colours – black, white, red, green and blue.

Each STRIKE has cable management built into the design, situated inside both legs as well as the central beam.

The STRIKE has that extra level of customisation with the leg side plates. There are a number of patterns to choose from for RGB light up plates, as well as the option to have a custom design cut out to match your online avatar or company branding.


The STEED is our sleek static height A-frame.

The frames are made from steel and are currently available in black.

The STEED has cable management built into the cross beam of the frame, to aid with keeping your cables hidden away on your rig!

Enter into the realms of high quality gaming furniture with our STEED range, helping you spearhead your way to victory with a boss setup!

Cable Management

Cable management is an issue. No matter how much wrangling, coiling and stuffing, things never get any better.

All Halberd desks come with cable management as standard. Use the included cable tray with your STANCE or run cables through your STRIKE legs and beam – no need for trailing cables anymore!

We also stock a range of additional cable management options for those who need it all.

LED Features

Coloured side plates come as standard with the STRIKE and STRIKEplus. However you can up your game!

The STRIKE frame stands apart from all other desk frames on the market with optional RGB LED lit leg plates. These laser cut leg plates replace the regular side plates and simply slot into the STRIKE legs. This still leaves ample room for cables to be run internally down the leg. Add a nice glow to your desk and customise the colour to match your mood.

Light up your setup now!

If you want a custom design to match your rig or brand, contact us for a quote!


Control Modules

All our height-adjustable STANCE desks come with a control module to make your desk dance.

Need to see how high you are? Our Advanced control module with display will let you know at a glance.

Change your desk height via app? Check! Our Advanced control module has Bluetooth capabilities so you don’t even need to lift a finger.


Monitor Mounts

We’ve got a range of monitor mounts to suit your space and give you that edge. Whether you’re looking up looking up loot locations whilst playing a game, or checking a spreadsheet along with your emails, we’ve got a solution for you.

We have a selection of different types and sizes, from single mounts to huge six-arm monitor mounts, all of which use the VESA connection to attach your monitors.



Like to work on the go? Need to add some mobility to your desk?

Our premium castors have a large diameter for smooth wheeling and each has locking system to keep things locked in place.

We can also offer a beam battery for the STANCE, so that you can power your desk (for a while) without the need for it being plugged in!


Custom Colours and Materials

With the amount of colour variety we have to offer, there are already hundreds of combinations to choose from.

Does your office need something a little different? A bit more personality and a lot more quality?

With orders of 10 more desks you can pick from almost any colour you can imagine. We can also colour match to a specific tone.

If your office needs a upgrade, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Custom Side Plates

The STRIKE frame has the option for LED RGB Grille side plates.

We can take this a step further by being able to do custom designs that can be lit up.

Here is an example of one of our custom side plates in action!

Inlaid Logos

By using the more premium material valchormat, it allows us to create coloured inlays for logos and imagery.

Having the same material used for the inlay as the desktop, this stops things like temperature change from popping out the inlaid logo. There are roughly 10 different colour choices for valchromat to be used in your logo.

The example in the picture is of a concept piece made for one of the members of The Yogscast.