Enjoy the freedom of standing at your computer with our Stance range. It’s common sense that sitting for too long isn’t easy on your body or posture. The ability to stand, move and flex whilst continuing your work or game, might be just what you’ve been looking for! Use the attached control panel or control wirelessly from your phone, adjust your Stance desk to the position you want. To create more space on your desktop, but keep your computer moving along with your surface, select our computer mount. This prevents any issues with short cables as the table rises. For the heaviest home set-ups, the biggest beasts in enhanced graphics, or ultimate peace of mind in lifted stability, choose the optional third leg. Upping the already high 150 kilogram load capacity (excluding desktop) to 225 kilograms!

Our Stoic fixed height range offers the most robust quality at a very competitive price. Choose from a range of colour finishes and other features you won’t find anywhere else! Using the same desktops as the Stance range means you don’t miss any of our unique features. Cable management is included and no trays needed, the central beam itself acts as a fantastic compartment for all plugs and cables. Assembly is fast and easy.

Our vinyl pressed, 25mm thick MDF desktops provide much more rigidity than the usual 18mm thick chipboard panels. The vinyl skin is tougher and lasts longer than the melamine paper on the top surface of these chipboard panels. The process wraps the skin along the sides avoiding the use of a stuck on laminated edge, which may degrade over time especially as liquids attack the glue. Couple the thickness of our tops with the central beams on all ranges creates a desk that will never sag in the middle, particularly useful for regular use at home.

No more ugly and unnecessary plastic cable ports creating that dreaded bump. Our cast zinc cable ports in a range of finishes add to the impact of your desk and, being flush to the desk surface, will never get in the way. Our cable trays provide more than enough space and are manufactured from steel.

The desktop itself is attached to the leg frame by the perfect choice of self-tapping screws into pilot holes; rather than a self-tapping sleeve and bolt or other similar methods. This firstly removes the expense of the parts, and quality control with perfect thread to bolt alignment. Secondly it allows our panels to be universal on their underside with all our configurations. Finally, it allows the underside to retain a clean look, as steel bolt sleeves that are unused are exposed and unappealing. This decision and other sensible approaches are what allow us to bring this premium desk at a more affordable and sensible price!

You can keep it simple with the colour or mix a few of your favourites. Create the best configuration to match your gaming rig, or the look that best speaks your personality. Perhaps you already had the vision for your dream home office, the right colour Halberd desk is a perfect start! Companies can create a representative workspace for their employees. Picking company or logo colours and applying them throughout the workspace can make your staff environment much more special, catalysing loyalty and creating an unforgettable place to work.

Choose between gloss, matte and texture grain effect finishes. Gloss has a high sheen, can look very expensive but screen reflections may put some off. Matte is none reflective and is the suggested choice. Colour woodgrain texture offers something a little different. Enjoy concocting themes for your set-up, the black woodgrain effect is great for Pirate fans; whereas the gloss red might just match that dream car!

More space and protection for your cables! Avoid cramming plugs together and powering your computer down with an ill placed leg stretch. Our spacious and strong cable trays will protect your hard work or amazing killstreak from the fatal kick of doom.

Durable cast cable ports that fit flat to the surface of all our desktops. There are no needless flaps the are left open at the sake of extra expense. These a simple, high quality metal ports with an open mouth. Choose from a variety of finishes to create the visual you like best. Black ports on a white desktop can look very striking, whereas silver ports on a duck-egg desktop can be very subtle.

Feeling unsure about a budget monitor arm holding that expensive screen? Perhaps your screen is heavier than usual or you simply don’t like anything to feel flimsy. Our pole and gas sprung monitor mounts manufactured by our partners Metalicon are a fantastic addition to your desk.

Our steel pedestal is a set of 3 drawers that, along with a colour handle choice, can go great with your Halberd desk. Standard handles will match the colour choice of your pedestal, but additional colours are available to purchase. Choose from a pedestal finish in white (grey or black coming soon) to match your leg frame. Also included is a pen tray, three steel dividers and crossbars to allow file storage in the bottom drawer.
Height Adjustable Electric Electric or Manual
Speed (mm/s) 38 25
Load Capacity (per leg) 75 35-65
Controller Digital display available 2 Button up/down
Memory settings? Yes No
Bluetooth for smart phone control Available No
Cable tray Available, solid steel and spacious. Bought separately, cramped and plastic
Flexible cable protector Available No
Desktop Material MDF Engineered Board MFC Particle Board
Desktop Thickness 25mm 18-22
Expandable Frame Yes No
Finish Vinyl Heat Pressed Melamine
Cable Ports 5 Metal grommets 2 Plastic grommets
Grommet Choice Different finishes No
Completely hidden cable set-up Yes No
Rounded Corners Yes No
Bevel (shaped) edges Yes No
Scooped front Available No
Predrilled Holes Yes Varies
Assembly Easy, 15 minutes A lot, lot longer

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