Halberd are an energetic startup hailing from deep in the frozen North.

Battling frost trolls, angry giants and huge armies of attacking invaders, we felt that there had to be a better way to work and play.

We banded together with like-minded individuals looking for an alternative way of life.

We found professionals and gamers alike who all felt that sitting for endless hours at a desk wasn’t helping them to win their battles.

After many nights of research, development, toil, sweat and numerous prototypes we decided to do some pre-alpha, alpha and beta testing.

This delayed the project by six months but we wanted to give the players the best possible experience – they’d wait for that, right?

Aiming for a general early access release, we suddenly realised we weren’t making a game and went back to our desks. After some deliberation, we created our STANCE and STOIC ranges.

With our quest to help others game (and work) for longer, we loaded up the cart (van) with our new desks and headed out to Insomnia 60…

The rest (obviously) is history!

Office Address:

1 Pyramid Court, Rosetta Way, York, YO26 5NB

Company VAT Number:

GB 321 2172 56

Company Registration Number:


Place of Registration :

Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3UZ


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