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Halberd is a daring company, hailing from deep in the frozen North.

Battling frost trolls, angry giants and huge armies of attacking invaders, we felt that there had to be a better way. We found professionals and gamers alike who felt that sitting for endless hours at a desk wasn’t helping them win their battles.

After many months of prototyping and subtle design changes, we came up with numerous desk designs that are both ergonomic in nature and made from high quality materials.

We can confidently say that we have surpassed the needs and expectations of gamers and professionals alike.

With our preparations complete, we set out on our quest to help others game and work for longer.

After showcasing our desks at festivals such as Insomnia and Comic-con, our journey has progressed further and greater to where we are now.

The adventure continues with new products and possibilities on the horizon.

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