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Additional Info

Compact Option

All 3 ranges have the option to choose a compact desktop size.

Compact dimensions – 114cm (w) x 73cm (d)

Standard dimensions – 140cm / 160cm / 180cm (w) x 80cm (d)

Frame Colours

Choose from a selection of frame colours for each range to really let your personality shine! Here is our current colour choice:

SCOUT – Black

STOIC – Black, White, Red, Green, Blue

STANCE – Black, White

Desktop Choice

Choose from a range of high quality desktops, with each being shaped and finished to last.

They are powder coated in 7 awesome colours, with 4 different sizes to choose from.

Desktop Scoop

All our desktops are designed to be ergonomic and fit you. We shape and finish each desktop especially to ensure that it is functional, but also comfortable.

The desktops are bolted to the frame, rather than screwed in; thus making the whole desk much sturdier.

The smallest desktop size comes with an additional rear scoop for cable management.

Cable Ports

Cable management is a serious issue for any serious gamer. We’ve added cable ports to all our desktops to make things clearer and easier to manage.

A unique diamond central keyboard and mouse cable port keeps your peripherals out of the way. Rear ports double as mounting points for monitor mounts.

Castors – It’s how we roll!

Premium oversized castors keep you on the move.

Glide effortlessly across the room or use the individual brakes on each wheel to stay in place and help eliminate wobble.